Super premium ice cream and specialty foods now open in Crosby, MN

Super premium ice cream and specialty foods now open in Crosby, MN

Super premium ice cream and specialty foods now open in Crosby, MNSuper premium ice cream and specialty foods now open in Crosby, MNSuper premium ice cream and specialty foods now open in Crosby, MN

Our Story


The idea for Victual sprang from personal needs: living in a northern, out-state community means that options are limited for some of the specialty foods that we enjoy on a routine basis, whether it be artisanal farmstead cheeses from the US or Europe, or fancy small-batch crackers, or some of the hard-to-find specialty liqueurs used to make some of our favorite craft cocktails. We commiserated with friends and found that every one of us packs the cooler in the trunk with every trip to the Twin Cities to haul our goodies back up north. Why aren’t these foods available under one roof, closer to home?

And, with one of us being lactose-intolerant, why isn’t there a super-premium ice cream brand that makes a bunch of flavors of lactose-free ice cream that’s every bit as delicious as regular ice cream? Knowing that more than 20% of the US population is lactose intolerant, why hasn’t the dairy industry figured this out already?

If no one else was going to solve our problems, it was up to us to figure it all out. We decided create a hybrid specialty store that focuses on the following product categories: Ice cream, cheese, charcuterie, gourmet, gifts and spirits. If we have identified an ultra-niche, it’s finding products that are either lactose-free or lactose-friendly, even if you’re looking for cheddar cheese popcorn for snacking.

And we decided to put it in Crosby, MN. The choice was clear … the town was just voted as one of the best cities to live in America by Outside Magazine and it’s undergoing a remarkable renaissance. There are historic buildings in desperate need of preservation. There’s a booming tourism business spurred on by the local mountain bike trail system. There’s an esteemed medical campus. We’re in a residential area with a nearby high school. And, perhaps most importantly, there’s a huge lake community of folks like us that have always been under-served.

As we get going, you’ll see all kinds of reasons to come back again and again. We’ll have pontoon platters ready to go, and charcuterie boards for when company stops by. You might encounter fresh French pastries on the weekends, fresh flowers in the summertime, or even turkey eggs if they’re laying. We’ll have all kinds of refueling snacks for the bikers, hikers and paddlers. We plan to have live music on our side patio in the summertime and it’ll be open to all. We’ll have tastings and pairings events, and we might even teach some cheese making courses. Our ever-changing roster of ice cream flavors will be available in to-go containers in pints and quarts. And, knowing us, we’re bound to have a special cocktail of the week that we’re promoting.

Think of it like this: Northern living, improved. 


Our Products


Our product categories include ice cream, cheese, charcuterie, gourmet, gifts and spirits. In every category, we strive to bring you products that aren’t available outside of the metro area in order to bring you a unique shopping experience. Our selection is carefully curated to bring both depth and variety. 

Ice Cream

Our ice cream is made on-site using our own proprietary recipe – not a standard mix used by most other scoop shops. We’ve worked hard to bring you the most incredible ice cream that’s full dairy with great taste, perfect mouth feel and a great melt … that just happens to be lactose free so that everyone can enjoy it. You’ll enjoy our ever-changing roster of unique flavors. Get scoops in our store, or purchase to-go containers in pint and quart sizes. 


Our selection of cheeses from around the world is going to amaze you. You’ll not find similar cheeses in your normal grocery store. We’ve targeted small farmstead dairies from California, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Vermont that are making some incredible cheeses, and we’ve brought in some wheels of your favorite cheeses from Scandinavia, France and Italy. You’ll find an excellent assortment from all of the classifications of fresh cheese, soft/bloomy rind, washed rind, semi-firm, firm, aged and blue. Our employees are knowledgeable about the cheeses we offer and we encourage sampling in the store to find your favorites. 


Our selection of cured meats is the backbone of any charcuterie board – our selection of salamis, pate, confit and other meats can be expertly paired with our cheeses, olives, crackers, nuts and dried fruit for a beautifully creative platter that’s perfect on the pontoon or at your dinner party. Round out the selection with one of our great wines or specialty liqueurs. 


We’ve carefully selected some of our favorite gourmet foods in a wide assortment of categories from pastas, sauces, soups, pickled vegetables, marinades, jams, syrups, olive oil, vinegar, coffee, tea, drinking chocolates, bean-to-bar chocolates, and even a wide assortment of snacks and beverages. 


Are you looking to treat yourself or find a unique gift for others? We offer a great assortment, starting with soaps, candles, greeting cards. What about some special bean-to-bar chocolates? We’ve tried to say away from mass-produced gifts and décor, in favor of maker-made, artisanal products that are truly unique and downright special. Additionally, you’ll find barware, stemware and cocktail accessories, as well as dinnerware for indoors and out. Our selection is rounded out with baskets and boards, perfect for creating a perfect gift basket full of your favorite foods. 


Our selection of wines, spirits and liqueurs is focused on the unique things that we can’t find elsewhere in the area. Our wines are selected to perfectly pair with our cheese and charcuterie offerings, our spirits are sourced from local or little-known small-batch distilleries, and our liqueurs open you up to a whole world of flavor experiences you didn’t know existed. Our off-sale room may be small, but it’s spectacular. 

Our Mission


Northern living, improved. Victual sells an expertly curated selection of specialty foods, gifts, and spirits. Our staff has comprehensive levels of product knowledge and provides every customer exceptional customer service. We care about our employees, our customers, our makers and our community. 

Ice cream, improved. Rave Creamworks makes the most spectacular super-premium ice cream that’s always lactose-free. We use all-natural ingredients and we strive for the perfect balance of flavor, mouth feel and melt. 


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During the Minnesota Shelter In Place order, Victual will be reducing hours temporarily.  We plan to return to normal hours once the state lifts its order.