About Rave Creamworks' Super Premium Ice Cream

We make incredible ice cream. Period. It’s super-premium, meaning it’s full dairy with a high butterfat content and we don’t whip a lot of air into it when we make it. It’s rich, creamy, and dense in texture – all signs of an incredible ice cream experience. It’s clean label, meaning no chemicals, no artificial flavors and no artificial colors. We pay attention to how it feels in the mouth and how it melts. And, best of all, we figured out how to make it lactose-free so that everyone can enjoy it. Why hasn’t the dairy industry figured this out already? Good question. But we did, and you’re going to love it. 

At Victual, we’ll have an ever-changing roster of 16 flavors – some basics flavors will be available year round; others will change seasonally, and some limited edition flavors will be here for just a short time only. 

Our ice cream will be available as scoops in Victual, or to go in single-serve, pints and quarts.